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ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, is a software that caters specifically to businesses. It offers numerous functionalities that can make the running of a business that much easier and simpler. Regardless of whether you have a small or medium sized enterprise, you need an ERP system to streamline your work processes. This is where our Odoo ERP customization service comes into play, we design and develop ERP System as per your business needs.

An ERP system has been designed for businesses, regardless of their size. For a small to medium sized company, ERP allows them to function similarly to a bigger enterprise level firm. So if those businesses grow, they can simply add additional modules and programs to manage those processes. With Odoo ERP installation, you can automate your processes to accomplish more tasks without investing any more capital.

How We Perform Odoo ERP Customization

Our expert Odoo ERP consultants who work with you to understand your company’s needs for Odoo ERP customization. Once that has been done, we perform a complete configuration of your IT infrastructure, while at the same time ensuring flexibility so it easily integrates into your business as it grows.

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The steps are as follows:

  • Determining the scope of the project
  • Understanding which modules need to be installed
  • Configuring said modules to meet the needs of your specific business
  • Working on balancing the functionalities to the required limits
These are the most important steps an Odoo ERP service provider will perform to make sure the software parameters meet your system needs.
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We are certified Odoo ERP consultant company


  • ERP Installation
  • ERP Customization
  • ERP New Module Development
  • ERP Configuration
  • ERP Training
  • ERP Integrations
  • ERP Migration
  • ERP Support

Being a simple plug and play application, Odoo is a low cost software that can be added or removed from your IT infrastructure as per your requirements.

However, its biggest advantage is its ability to be customized to meet the needs of your business. Odoo has been designed with a simple interface for easy learning and implementation across numerous industries. So no matter which line of business you are in, be rest assured we are the best Odoo service provider who can successfully install, configure and customize Odoo ERP for your specific requirements.

We Help You Stay Ahead of the Competition

As Odoo ERP consultants, we at JDC Systems can paint a complete picture of your operations. Not only does this let you know about any loopholes or weaknesses in your business, it also enables you to make swift, yet informed decisions during ever-changing business environments.

ERP Installation

With Odoo ERP installation

You also get:

  • Improved communications within the organization
  • Built-in dashboards and analytics
  • Monitors all business activities including in-house communications
  • Keeps track of critical business resources
  • Provides an up-to-date status on materials, manufacturing capacity, revenue, and orders
  • A unified system across the board, boosting cost efficiency

Whether you are a startup, small or medium sized company, our Odoo ERP services allow you to be on a single ERP platform. This results in you saving both time and money. So don’t waste these precious resources any further.

What our customers saying?

George Testimonial

As a longtime member of the JDC family, I have the highest praise for its expertise and easy-to-work with staff. Always available for consultation, JDC has been a lifeline for our not-for-profit institution, always available for diagnosis and repair (which often were needed at the most inconvenient times!). Their reasonable pricing schedule, excellent service, and willingness to go over and above the norm have made them an important partner in the work with do. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

Fr. Chris Aridas Pastor, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary


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