Project Management

Managing IT Projects for Your Success!

When it comes to the successful initiation, completion and integration of an IT project, it all depends on the capabilities of the person who will be the IT Project Manager. This is where we at JDC Systems come in to play!

With our 30-plus years of experience in the technology sector, you can rest assured that we know the ins and outs taking on even the most toughest of projects.

A lot of projects fail because of the ineptitude of the IT project manager. JDC Systems can manage your project and set realistic time-frame and cost expectations. We are an IT Management company that offers services to ensure that your small to medium sized enterprise gets the best of both worlds, digital and physical!

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Our Services Include the Following:
  • Project Management
    Full life cycle management of a client’s project, from initial feasibility through to final roll-out and post evaluation. This includes staffing, organization and management of the project team, either using the client’s personnel or third party personnel as necessary.

  • Project Recovery
    Project review and consultation on the options for recovery of a client’s project, including takeover of failing projects.

  • Project Mentoring
    Offering consultation services to the client’s project management staff to assist and advise them in successfully managing new or existing projects.

  • Project Assessment
    Both one-time and ongoing assessments of a client’s projects to ensure early warning of a project’s risks and successful planning and action to mitigate them.

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Our Services Include the Following:
  • Project Launch
    Specialized short term consultative services and reviews designed to minimize failure of new projects by ensuring that the projects get off to a good start.

  • Project Management Support Systems
    Software products, documentation and procedures designed to assist clients in the management of their projects.

  • Project Management Organizational Consulting
    Consulting of client’s senior management on the reasons why, and the methods to, projecting business functions and operations.

  • Remote IT Project Manager
    We are also able to offer remote project management IT services for clients in other parts of the world. During such a project, we ensure that you are always in the loop regarding the progress of the project.

What our customers saying?

As a longtime member of the JDC family, I have the highest praise for its expertise and easy-to-work with staff. Always available for consultation, JDC has been a lifeline for our not-for-profit institution, always available for diagnosis and repair (which often were needed at the most inconvenient times!). Their reasonable pricing schedule, excellent service, and willingness to go over and above the norm have made them an important partner in the work with do. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

Fr. Chris Aridas Pastor, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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