Digital Marketing Services by Web Enabled Ventures Inc.

Having a website is only 17% of your online presence. A website by itself will never perform and bring you the clients or audience you are looking to engage.

JDC Systems’ sister company, Web Enabled Ventures Inc. offers a full line of digital marketing services and products.

They are a team with a passion of driving revenue for every project involved with. Before taking on any project they run a marketing competitor analysis and make sure that there are opportunities in the your marketplace. That information is taken in consideration to make sure the best design approach from your visitors actual experience for your website. It doesn’t stop there. They also update the design using data collected using website tracking software. Making sure you are getting the most out of every marketing dollar. They believe having a website with no marketing plan is like having a car without an engine. Looks good but will not help you get where you want to go.

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